Daisy Rae Welch

The Glamour Camp Queen

Daisy is a female impersonator with an over the top personality and a twisted sense of humor! Standing at  6'5" without heels and weighing in at over 300lbs Daisy is a big boned, big hair, statuesque figure! She is often referred to as "looking like a line backer."

 Daisy is originally from Nashville, TN but now resides in Tampa, FL. She got her start in the art of female impersonation in 2006 and was featured in the country music video "Rockin' The Beer Gut" by Trailer Choir in 2009. She has performed at The Chute, Lucky's Garage, TRIBE and Play Dance Bar in Nashville. She has hosted several pageants and other special events. 


Voted Best Drag Emcee

With impeccable timing, a flair for the risqué, and the sharp focus of a bird of prey, Daisy Rae has honed her craft on many of Nashville's finest stages, going all the way back to The Chute. These days, she rules the Church Street gayborhood, presiding over Tribe's weekly Humpday festivities with her own twists on audience participation events. If you've never seen an Adult Spelling Bee, you really should. And if you've ever spent a Wednesday afternoon looking for drinks and a show, you'd be well advised to stop by Tribe and watch Miss Rae work the stage. You might even end up with some nice swag in the process. She hands out gifts, you know.

Jason Shawhan, Nashville Scene 2009